How to Make a House a Home? Personalize it With Color!

Looking for that Custom Designer’s touch in your home?

Personalize your dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, & bath with warmth & color profesionally painted to enhance each room. Need help choosing the perfect colors?

For your complimentary color consultation call award winning Professional Artist and Interior Design Consultant, Barbara Coast!

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Vinyards Murals

Murals, with or without a trompe l’oeil effect, can be big or small, inside or outside, encompass a whole room or only part. A mural is a painting applied directly to a wall, ceiling or other permanent surface. Painted murals dating back to prehistoric times are proof that people have an inherited instinct to decorate! Give us a surface and man will paint a mural on it to express his ideas, thoughts, imagination and emotions.

Using skills in trompe l’oeil and faux finishing, Coast Designs can create imaginative children’s murals or accents in your child’s room that will fulfill their wildest dreams.

Some suggestions I give my customers for painting children’s room murals are:


Kid’s Room Mural

  1. Really plan on the placement for the mural, consider where heavy traffic and furniture will be. I suggest painting the mural or accent above chair rail height, high or in a corner.
  2. Maybe consider painting the mural on the closet doors… this is one spot you will never have to worry about putting furniture in front of.
  3. When picking a theme and mural, try to stay clear of fads or characters that might get dated, some lose their appeal faster than others. Remember your thirteen year old will be inviting his friends over; he might be a little embarrassed by his eight year old mural theme.
  4. Although whole room murals are awesome it is not necessary to completely cover all the walls to make a lasting impression. Sometimes a simple art effect can go a long way. Let your budget lead the way and you will be successful in giving your child a very creative kid’s room!

Faux Finishes


The “Log” Cabin

“Can You Tell Where the Faux Ends and the Real Begins?”

The art of faux and faux finish painting is comprised of the techniques used to recreate the look of natural materials such as stones and woods. In the decorative arts probably the most popular faux finishes are “faux bois” and “faux marbre”, faux wood and faux marble. Both these techniques in faux painting were used when the real element was too expensive or not practical in the construction field. Over the years faux finishers have developed many styles and techniques to duplicate the look of such finishes as aged plaster, marble, limestone, wood and distressed paint.

What has taken years to accomplish naturally, Barbara, a skilled faux finisher, can recreate in days and sometimes even hours.

Trompe L’Oeil

Both witty and serious, trompe l’oeil is a game artists play with spectators to raise questions about the nature of art and perception. Trompe l’oeil is the artistic ability to depict an object so exactly as to make it appear real. A heightened form of illusionism, the art of trompe l’oeil flourished from the Renaissance onward. The discovery of perspective in fifteenth-century Italy and advancements in the science of optics in the seventeenth-century Netherlands enabled artists to render objects and spaces with eye-fooling exactitude.

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