Watercolor Paintings

My contemporary watercolors and mixed media artwork dramatically illustrates my vision of light, color, and design. Multi-layered washes of transparent watercolor convey the depth and richness that is often overlooked in everyday things.

Cobalt violet shadows stretch from warm ochre mesas in a Taos landscape. Deep prussian blue to veridian greens illustrate the depths of water in the Venitian scene “After the Rain”. Vermilion and ultramarine illuminate “Looking Through Time.”

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Musee D'Orsay_TN

Looking Through Time

Mark's Koi Fish

Mark’s Koi Fish

After the Rain

After the Rain

Oil & Acrylic Paintings

After losing nearly all of my worldly possessions in the Waldo Canyon fire, I picked up a pallet knife and tried my hand at oil painting. I took a two-day workshop with Karen Standridge where I discovered what a joy it was to start with the dark values first, instead of starting with the whites as we do in watercolor. It was immensely healing and rewarding.

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Fall Aspens

Beautiful Fall




My unique style of collage developed through more than 20 years experience with a variety of media as a professional artist. From technical illustration to stained glass art, all have contributed to an innovative approach to mixed media. The use of saturated color, combined in multiple layers and textures, conveys a sense of more than just what meets the eye.

Collage7_ TN Collage6_ TN Collage4_ tn

Beginning with pure watercolor on paper, or layered with acrylics or oil pastels, a collage is created by layering varied materials over the background. My collages are made of many different types of media, including handmade paper, silk or canvas, birch bark, gold leaf, and copper foil.
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