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Work out your Mind.
Practice a Love of Learning.
Cultivate New Ideas, Strategic Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills.
Learn to Nurture Conditions that Foster Creativity & Productivity.
Turn Stress into Inspiration that Brings Energy to Any Task.
Experiential Activities and Self-Expression Develop Imagination.
Allow the Unknown and New Possibilities, for Unexpected Solutions.
Exercise Self-Awareness, and the Mind-Body Connection, Promote Healing.
Balance Both Sides of the Brain, Creating New Information Paths.


Experiential workshops for accessing your own natural Creative Thinking skills.

While “Creativity for Solutions in an Unpredictable World” is a holistic program, it may be also Customized to include site-specific subject matter or goals for any organization. It brings a new perspective to Learning; presented in visual elements as a metaphor for life.
Stress + Relief  = Focus + Imagination = Inspiration + Energy.


Balancing Thought-Feeling aspects of the brain brings about Stress Relief for noticeable results.
Mind-Body Integration is enhanced in creative activities, and that is HEALING. It’s not just fun; it’s good for you!

Sharing in the planning process uncovers solutions that everyone can use. We will collect a mental inventory of elements we have to work with, to open up new Possibilities.

Presented in an accessible format, it is a safe environment that nurtures creativity without judgment. A new project, with new tools are introduced each week, for cumulative results. Plan to work in small groups, with choices of subjects and methods made easy, with Water+Color, adding, subtracting, masking, overlays, scribing and stamping.

Take away meaningful practices that enrich all areas of life, and a finished product of your own creation, from each session, as a reminder.



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