Artist’s Statement

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My Daughter and I

I am drawn to subjects with a sense of mystery, and familiarity. From the dramatic vistas of cobalt skies, over high altitude mountains, and deep river canyons, the southwest landscape is a study in contrasts. It is an ever-changing source of inspiration, and a favorite subject, living in New Mexico, Arizona, California and Colorado. No place is too far off the beaten path to explore remote geologic formations or historic ruins. Direct experience, hiking and camping in deserts and mountains, photographing and sketching, inspires me. The weathered textures and saturated colors animate landscapes, figures, animals and birds. Since they lived close to the land, our ancestors shared a deep understanding of the secrets nature holds. All of these experiences continue to inform my painting.

Isabella Supervising

Studies in North American, Spanish, French and Italian art and architecture are evident in ‘Mission Series’ and ‘Plains Ponies’. ‘Soul Series’ is a recurring theme suggesting a timeless sense of the human spirit and its imprint on future generations. Our predecessors’ relics reveal a complex coexistence with Mother Nature, and each other. We all rely on the same powerful, resilient and fragile natural resources. ‘Spirit of Pompeii’ bears witness to the forces of nature that both destroyed and preserved a highly developed civilization in an instant. Minerals still give my paints their color just as they did in the Lascaux cave paintings in the Ice Age. Human history is largely told in the artifacts of those who came hundreds and thousands of years before.

Objective and conceptual paintings represent the bigger picture we sometimes lose sight of: our progress and evolution, our impact in the time we have with all that we love. What came before, and what comes next? These concepts led my practice to a unique, stylized, visual interpretation. They reflect a sense of place and time, through direct, personal experience, imagination, and self-expression. Art is my personal expression that reminds me of the Oneness I feel a part of, and create from. Art is an experience; what the viewer sees is uniquely their experience, reflecting part of their frame of reference.

I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art from the University of Colorado. Focus included Museum Studies, Anthropology, Geology, and Sociology. My unique style has earned numerous exhibits, awards, commissions, & representation in galleries throughout Colorado and New Mexico.

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